The Girl Friend Experience (GFE)

You may be asking – what actually is:” The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) “

Simply put it is a commercial experience that blurs the boundaries between a financial transaction and a romantic relationship. A no strings attached, (NSA) relationship, with no emotional attachment, when I walk out the door.

If you are wanting to just get it on, “wham, ba, and thank you ma’am”  providing yourself with instant relief, the GFE is really not what you are looking for at all, and in saying that, I am not the person for you. Seeing me would be a great disappointment.

For me, the GFE, is kind of like code for paying for things a girlfriend would do with her boyfriend,  such as foreplay, non-rushed sex, cuddling, and sensual kissing” So although yes it fundamentally is a transaction, there is a certain degree of intellectual and emotional connection at that specific time, our time together includes kissing (both Light French and Deep French kissing and mutual exploring, giving and receiving pleasure. Then when I leave, I hopefully leave you with great memories, and without being offensive, put you out of my mind, until we meet again. (This is why you have an escort and not a mistress, everything is neat and tidy.)

What I offer, there is so much more to our time together than just mind-blowing sex. Which there is of course.  Our time together is just pure enjoyment.  With the girlfriend experience, we have time to just relax and let things happen as they happen.  It’s about getting to know one another, understanding one another and in time if you become a regular, (which most my clients do) caring for one another. Ours is a special relationship, with no strings attached, no commitment, and no expectation, yet somehow a time we both look forward to and enjoy the experience.

I have been asked several times, do I ever develop romantic feelings for my clients and in truth, the answer is “no”.(If I did, they would no longer be clients).  At some level, however, it is possible to have some version of feeling – after all, I am not a robot, and there are certain people whom I truly look forward to seeing, and I have a concern about them and their well-being. It is not a matter of, when I walk out the door you no longer exist. In my mind, you are mine for whatever time you have requested, then I give you back. Unlike in my personal life, where my people are my everything, with Synclair, when I walk out the door, you are packed into a neat little box, and put to the back of my mind till next time. 

True,  it is not loved but a kind of closeness, knowing I can give you what no one else can. A time where you can drop all inhibitions all pretence and just be you.

For you, I offer the freedom of seeing me, where and when is convenient for you. (Subject to my availability of course)  This is a time for you to say what’s on your mind, without consequences. I am open and friendly and am great at conversation on a one on one basis.  It’s simple, I am a total outsider. Whatever you’re talking about, whether it is,  divulging your deepest, darkest secret, or possibly acting out your fantasies, without judgement,  all can be exhilarating. ‘These are the things you are frustrated about, and you telling me is freeing, because I am not in any way going to be affected on a personal level, So I have no judgement. Whereas, if you said the same thing to your nearest and dearest, they may have reservations, or become insecure, wondering if your unhappy, are they enough, whereas you are just voicing an opinion. I get it. Sometimes you just want to talk, fantasise, or verbalise a desire, even if you don’t really want to act on it.- So drop those inhibitions, and come play!

We get to do, whatever you want. (Within limits- I don’t do kinky, but hey, we can talk about it.)  Want to talk, let’s talk. Want to watch the game, let’s watch the game, want a great massage, roll over, let’s do it. Want to try something new, let’s discuss it. So long as we both game – let’s do it. This is your time to be you, no judgement, no consequence.

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The cost of a GFE booking is R1700ph, Foreign exchange is accepted, but not preferred- see rates