This is why you should ONLY contact, any form of escort, or dating service via email.

We live in a corrupt world where people often exploit others for personal gain. Unfortunately, this is a daily occurrence. While it seems prevalent in South Africa, it is likely a global issue. I have personally encountered this exploitation multiple times.

On some advertising sites , it is compulsory to use a contact number ,this is the ONLY reason I started using a dedicated whats app  number. There was absolutely no other reason.

I have recently received  random messages, from corrupt individuals  offering payment in exchange for the phone numbers of people who have contacted me. I personally  find this practice disgusting, as it is likely intended for blackmail or other malicious purposes. I block and delete such messages immediately. However, I cannot guarantee that everyone takes the same precautions, and guarantee if I am being offered this , so is every other girl on these advertising websites. I have brought this to the respective sites , that I pay for adverts to run, and they answered that they are aware of the problem, but failed to warn patrons, or change how patrons can contact their clients.

To protect yourself, I recommend creating a dedicated email account for communications, separate from your regular email, that only you have access to , and clear your history each and every time.

Always aim to “have fun but do no harm.”

Your actions should never cause harm to others.

I know, I have always prided myself on discretion. For your sake as well as my own.

I strongly advise communication , using ONLY  a dedicated email for communicating with service providers.

Avoid sharing your phone number. While you can block an individual contact, you cannot prevent your information from being sold to others.

Protect yourself  always , at all cost. 

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