Is Synclair for you?

Please remember everyone is different and we all enjoy different things, that is what makes life so wonderful. What does it for one person,  maybe a total turn off to another, and that is fine. In life, we cannot please everyone.

Personally, I am not into anything too kinky or weird, such as water sports, fisting, or anything anal or that involves pain, I hate being spoken dirty too, and disdain being spoken down to. If you are into this type of thing, that’s great however I am not the girl for you. Please rather find someone that offers these services and will satisfy you – truly you would be wasting your money on me.

If you like the Girl Friend Experience, with a relaxed atmosphere, casual conversation, kissing cuddling, and caressing, Then we will have a wonderful time together.

The Experience

What is it that turns a man’s head, and catches his attention about a woman? In some cases, it may be her face, her long legs or her rounded breast, but seldom is it all.

Yet a certain woman will walk in the room and even though you cannot put your finger on the exact reason she radiates sex appeal, and for no apparent reason, you wonder what it would be like to be having seductive passionate sex with her.