I was once asked about the best , most memorable overnight booking , that I have ever had.  It did not take more than a few seconds to come to mind. 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t  the venue that I remembered, although I’m sure it was very nice, Neither was it a  fancy restaurant . With the fondest of memories , I recall, we ordered room service , sat on the floor and enjoyed a meal together. It was simply the best company in the most unpretentious surroundings, just relaxing, laughing, talking, and enjoying a burger and fries, or pizza- yes I love both. Without any doubt its all about a relaxed atmosphere , and the company. It’s not about the venue or how fancy the setting is, or how expensive the meal. It’s not about the pretense or anything extravagant. It’s about having genuine, enjoyable times with someone special. That’s what makes an overnight booking, truly perfect.


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