All comments are posted as given, without editing - All comments are welcome. A good review is most welcome and thanks. Means a job well done.

However a bad review is also welcome, it is a learning curve and shows where I need to improve.

The statistics show that 61% of people read reviews before purchasing a product. I am sure that even though I am not a commodity and cannot be purchased, similar statistics would be relevant to the service I offer.
So please feel free to help out and leave a review.

The first part of the questionnaire is for my own statistical information so that I know where my clientele comes from, and how they found me.

The second part is more of a review, There are 8 star rated questions, each has a weighting of 1%, with the exception of questions 5 and 6. These two are weighted double (2% for each star). I then add all the weightings and show them as a percentage so that I can post the review as a percentage.