Be safe , Be discreet, Do No Harm

If you meet me, you will learn that to me you are not “just a client”, you are a special person, whom I know has a family, a job and a reputation to protect,  I truly do care about that, and that’s why I say ……



 Having adult fun time fun is all well and good on condition that nobody gets hurt.  No matter how great our time together it is not worth destroying a marriage, or losing your family over.  That does not mean that we should not enjoy each other, it does mean that you should take some precautions and not be sloppy. Please follow these simple steps.

  1.  Always use an email account created for this purpose ONLY, a Gmail or something like that. DO NOT use your home, regular or work email.
  2.  Make sure you always log out fully and remove any traces of use, also do not use a common password, use what you normally do but substitute one letter saying all the “e ” letters to a number. 
  3.  Always clear your history and cookies on your computer after doing any searches. To clear cookies – in the “run menu” type in the word cookies, and all will come up – highlight and delete
  4.  Never keep any of my information on your phone, that’s why you have a dedicated email to keep such info.