Overnight Booking


Welcome to a delightful experience designed for the discerning gentleman who knows how to savour every moment.

Picture this: a leisurely escape where time is on your side, and the enchanting embrace of a beautiful woman awaits you. Nestled within the luxurious haven of a bedroom, you’ll discover not just a captivating physique but also the warmth of delightful companionship.

Spanning around 12 hours, our rendezvous is tailor-made for Friday or Saturday evenings, with the occasional weekday treat when the following day blesses us with a South African public holiday. The investment for this extraordinary experience is R9000.

Our journey together unfurls with playfulness in the room, seamlessly transitioning into unhurried conversations over a delectable dinner. Whether you prefer the ultimate discretion of room service, a cosy dinner within, or a leisurely stroll to the hotel restaurant, the choice is yours. Following this, a shared shower sets the stage for more moments of joy, perhaps accompanied by a soothing massage, and a relaxed exchange of thoughts over coffee – a genuine flow without any predefined script.

As the sun rises, let me delight your senses with a breakfast that’s said to be the finest indulgence of the day. Consider me your personal wake-up call, serving not just culinary delights but also a bright start to your morning.

This evening, my time is dedicated solely to you. Imagine it as your personalised sleepover, where possibilities are as vast as the starlit sky. Though sleep might not always be our priority, the depth of our connection goes beyond a fleeting one-night stand. Regulars hold a special place in my heart, and I cherish the moments we share.

It’s important to note that these remarkable encounters are exclusively arranged in advance and by appointment, ensuring that everything falls seamlessly into place for our memorable journey together.